AIDS-Related Diseases
Providing expertise and resources to better understand, prevent and treat HIV and AIDS.
Nonhuman Primate Systems Biology
Using systems biology and computational modeling to understand infection and immunology.
Global Programs
Focusing on conservation biology, field study training and emerging infectious diseases.
Using the primate model to answer questions about the nervous system, vision and more.
Reproductive & Developmental Sciences
Exploring reproductive biology, stem cell research and cognitive development.
Evolutionary Emergence of Infectious Diseases
Understanding how interspecies interaction leads to the emergence of disease.
Venture/Pilot Program
Providing specialized facilities, expertise and support to investigators with approved projects.

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American Letters from Khrushchev’s Russia, by Dr. Doug Bowden

American Letters from Khrushchev’s Russia documents a 25-year old US medical student’s experience in Cold War Russia during a year-long exchange program. The author, Dr. Doug Bowden is a core staff scientist with the WaNPRC.

National Primate Research Center’s Launch Informative Website

New website facilitates research collaborations with the eight National Primate Research Centers. Explore the NPRC’s areas of research, expertise and available facilities.

Animals and Your Health at PAWS on Science

The Center’s Division of Global Programs hosted an exhibit entitled “Animals and Your Health” at UW’s annual science festival “PAWS-on-Science” April 4th – 6th 2014 at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.


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