Since its inception in 1961, the Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC) has continued to fulfill its National Institutes of Health charter to serve as a resource for outstanding biomedical research using nonhuman primate models. The WaNPRC remains a vibrant, highly productive research institution within the University of Washington, providing a wide variety of primate-related resources to a broad research community.

The WaNPRC continues to support an impressive portfolio of research projects involving both Core and Affiliate staff researchers. The WaNPRC has  a group of Core Staff scientists and more than 400 Affiliate Staff scientists, with total leveraged grant support exceeding $200 million, demonstrating a very effective fulfillment of the National Center for Research Resources’ (NCRR) mission for each of the eight National Primate Research Centers to be a central focus for a diverse research program.

The WaNPRC is tightly-integrated into the University of Washington’s biomedical research program and is headquartered within the Warren G. Magnuson Health Sciences Center on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington. This close proximity provides efficient access to WaNPRC resources for implementation of primate research protocols.

The mission of the WaNPRC acknowledges and incorporates NCRR’s vision of our Center as a responsive, efficient and accessible resource. The WaNPRC mission statement reads, “to provide the appropriate environment to support outstanding biomedical research directed towards significant human health issues and nonhuman primate health and biology”.

To meet this mission, the Center supports biomedical research activities, professional research staff, specifically bred and maintained nonhuman primate colonies, and dedicated infrastructure, facilities and equipment required for nonhuman primate research.

The administration of this complex organization resides within the WaNPRC Director’s office, which oversees the strategic planning and daily operations through the following divisions:

  • Scientific Research Cores and Core Services
  • Primate Resources Operational Units
  • Finance and Administration
  • Organizational Development
  • Facilities and Planning
  • Center Programs