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National Primate Research Centers

NPRCs: Seven Centers. One Network.

California National Primate Research Center

Oregon National Primate Research Center

Southwest National Primate Research Center

Tulane National Primate Research Center

Washington National Primate Research Center

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Governmental Agencies

NIH-LogoNational Institutes of Health

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

National Institute on Drug Abuse

United States Department of Agriculture

Animal Research Information

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Focuses on responsible use of animals in biomedical research, testing and education

Americans for Medical Progress
Promotes understanding of and support for humane animal use in medical research

Animals in Research
News, policies, education, training, and information on animals in research

Animal Research Cures
Straightforward answers to common questions about animal research, including why it is necessary and how it is regulated

National Association for Biomedical Research
Promotes public policy recognizing the vital role of humane animal use in research, education and product testing.

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research
Biomedical research and ways scientists work to prevent and treat diseases and disorders.

Primate Info Net
Biology with relevance to human and animal health.

States United for Biomedical Research
Promotes the value of biomedical research through science and education.

Educational Resources

American Society of Primatologists Teaching Materials
The links on these pages are intended for use by anyone interested in learning more about nonhuman primates. Page includes link to commonly asked questions about primate research.

Bioscience Careers
Learn about careers in laboratory animal science, accompanied career profiles and teacher educational materials guides that include lesson plans to use in the classroom.

Foundation for Biomedical Research
Educating the public about the essential role of biomedical research in the quest for medical advancements, treatments and cures for both people and animals.

Northwest Association for Biomedical Research
Dedicated to strengthening public trust in research community, cultivates public understanding, inspires students, supports excellence in science teaching and fosters dialogue about role of ethics in biomedical research.

Kids 4 Research
Provides information to students, teachers and parents on responsible laboratory animals care and use in biomedical research, testing and education.

Genomic Research and Information

New Scientist: The chimpanzee genome is unveiled
Focus: the chimpanzee genome (The chimpanzee genome was sequenced using a blood sample from a Yerkes chimpanzee.)

Focus: genetics and health issues