Ho Lab Develops “Targeted Long-Acting Combination Antiretroviral Therapy” (TLC-ART)

HIV team researchers, from left: Rodney Ho, Josefin Koehn, Sarah Lane, Lisa McConnachie, Jake Kraft, Loren Kinman, Jesse Yu and Wonsok Lee.

Investigators from the University of Washington schools of pharmacy and medicine have devised a long-acting therapy for HIV. The macaque model study acknowledged the support from former and current members of the RSS team at the Washington National Primate Research Center.

Researchers concluded that a simple, scalable three-drug combination of the HIV drugs tenofovir, lopinavir and ritonavir exhibited continual drug levels in host cells for the virus. These levels persisted for more than two weeks, marking a significant breakthrough. “Thus, TLC-ART101 could be considered for development as a long-acting, fixed-dose injectable combination for HIV treatment for adults and children.”

The findings were published in the March issue of the journal AIDS. Professors Rodney JY Ho of the School of Pharmacy and Ann Collier of the School of Medicine were lead authors; first author was Jake Kraft of the UW Department of Pharmaceutics. Read more at UW Medicine Newsroom, your source for news and information from the University of Washington Health Sciences and UW Medicine.