WaNPRC Core Staff Scientist and UW Alum Fights to Stop Zika

Photo by Rick Dahms

Professor Michael Gale heads a laboratory located in the burgeoning biomed research hub at the southern end of Lake Union in Seattle. His group has research programs focused on understanding immune control of West Nile virus infection and HIV infection as well as viral replication and infection outcomes of Hepatitis C. Gale and the 34 researchers in his lab are now in the process of zeroing in on the right organic compound to attack another RNA virus, Zika. In the January issue of Columns, Author Bonnie Rochman explores Dr. Gale’s story, including his personal childhood experience with virus in Federal Way, Wash. and touching on his pioneering work developing one of the first nonhuman primate models for HIV/AIDS. The piece is titled: UW Medicine lab races to halt the spread of the Zika virus.

Video courtesy of UW Medicine Strategic Marketing & Communications