Veterinarian Externship Program

The Washington National Primate Research (WaNPRC) offers veterinarian students the opportunity of conducting a veterinary externship within our facilities. Under the general supervision of the WaNPRC Supervisory Veterinarian, the extern receives hands-on training in the optimal care and management of nonhuman primates (NHPs) working alongside the veterinary services unit. The extern works with several species of nonhuman primates and is involved with our Macaca nemestrina breeding colony.

Typical areas of training include: preventative healthcare, quarantine procedures, dentistry, review of health records and physiological data of research and colony animals, clinical care and treatment of spontaneous disease and research related conditions, infectious disease surveillance, bio-sample collection and analysis for research and colony animals, participation in weekly clinical rounds; radiology and ultrasound; endoscopic, and surgical procedures; care for pregnant and neonatal NHPs; anesthesia and monitoring; post-operative and intensive care.

For more details about how this program provides experience with nonhuman research animals in a research setting, please fill in the following information. Please allow up to three business days for a response.

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