Neitz research group uses gene therapy to treat color blindness in monkeys


Jay Neitz and Maureen Neitz, WaNPRC affiliate scientists, are part of a team of researchers that used gene therapy to successfully treat color blindness in two adult male squirrel monkeys. The Neitz research group worked with scientists at the University of Florida (UFL) on the study, which was featured in the Sept. 16 online edition of the journal Nature. Katherine Mancuso, a postdoctoral student in the UW Department of Ophthalmology, was the lead author.

The findings may have applications in using gene therapy to treat color blindness and other vision disorders in people. For more information, read the UW’s news release. The research also has been featured in articles by TIME magazineMSNBCNPRUSA Today, the BBCU.S News and World Report, and other media outlets.