WaNPRC neuroscientists explore ‘brain-machine interface’

Research by WaNPRC scientists Eberhard Fetz, Chet Moritz and Steve Perlmutter on how the brain can be rewired to get around a paralyzing injury and directly re-animate immobilized limbs was featured in the Oct. 16, 2008 issue of Nature magazine.

“It’s the beginning of a new line of research,” asserted Chet Moritz, a UW neuroscientist and lead author. “Our approach is relatively simple using direct connections between neurons (nerve cells) and muscles to let the brain do the learning rather than depending on the use of complex mathematics and powerful computers. This gives us a lot more hope for developing better treatments for paralysis.”

For more information, read the Oct. 16, 2008 article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.