PDSL – Services

The PDSL supports researchers and clinicians by providing high quality, specialized laboratory assays, services and materials that are optimized for detection and quantitation of non-human primate proteins and nucleic acids. Please see our services in the links below and contact us to determine the best and most economical solutions for your testing needs. Download Virology Specimen Submission Form.

Richard Grant, PhD
Director, Primate Diagnostic Services Laboratory
University of Washington WaNPRC
Box 357300, HSC I-008


  • Services Performed
  • Blood sample processing
  • Multiplex antibody detection- link to this
  • Luminex technologies are used to detect antibodies to viruses
  • NanoString RNA/DNA/protein array analysis
  • NHP (Non-Human Primate) Cytokine
  • PCR
  • Virus specific Immunoblot
  • PCR Assays
  • Microbiology
  • Cell culture
  • T. cruzi serology (Chagas)
  • Coccidiodies serology
  • MRSA


  • Materials and reagents
  • SRV Immunoblot strips
  • SRV antigen – purified whole virus from A549 cells
  • SRV antiserum (Macaque)
  • Recombinant proteins – Baculovirus expression
  • ELISA plates coated with select proteins
  • Bioplex beads coupled with selected proteins for use in multiplex assays
  • Macaque Genome Banking



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