Project Review Process

Starting New Projects: Process Overview for Researchers
Last Revised: Thursday 1-23-2020

The Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC) provides help for researchers starting new projects using nonhuman primates (NHPs) in research at the University of Washington. The Division of Primate Resources goal is to efficiently respond to nonhuman primate research requests from funded investigators. Their overall goal is to optimize resources, to expedite project initiation and to streamline the process by which projects proceed. They guide investigators through the process to access Center resources, work with them to establish practical experimental designs, develop budgets for the proposed experiments, and schedule responsibilities and facilities required for each experiment. This document provides a general overview of the review process necessary to start new projects. Details will be reviewed during the Principal Investigators’ (PI) first conversation with the Research Facilitator.

The review process involves the following steps. These are actions or questions that need to be addressed by the PI.

Contact the WaNPRC (Research Facilitator at or Director at when you have been alerted by a granting organization that your project is likely to be funded.

  1. Meet with the Research Facilitator to review necessary paperwork and timeline for completion.
  2. The University of Washington Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) has oversight and responsibility for all research and instruction involving the use of live vertebrate animals.  Research projects must first be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). This governing body will look at specific information, presented through a group of forms, for evidence that your plans are in compliance with government regulations. OAW website has instructions and forms required at  Consult with WaNPRC’s veterinary and research support services on animal species, housing, procedures, etc. to complete the Project Review Form (PRF).  Submit completed PRF to the WaNPRC Animal Program Veterinarian for pre-IACUC review, all NHP protocols require WaNPRC pre-approval.  Once this review is done the PRF is submitted to the IACUC.
  3. Revise PRF as needed to address IACUC questions; staff from DPR are available for assistance.
  4. The WaNPRC Research Project Request (RPR) (e-mail for a copy) will need to be completed prior to project start and after the IACUC approval.  Specific circumstances can provide a simultaneous review while the IACUC is reviewing the project.
  5. If this project has already been peer-reviewed by NIH or a similar sponsor, no additional scientific review may be necessary.  If there has not been a peer-review, then review by the WaNPRC Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is required.  The RAC reviews the proposed project’s scientific merit and suitability for the WaNPRC based on information provided by the investigator in the Research Project Review (RPR) form.
  6. A resources review by Division of Primate Resources staff; e.g. animal availability, DPR personnel assistance, special housing, etc. will be based on the information provided by the investigator in the RPR.
  7. Upon written IACUC approval, contact the Research Facilitator to complete or revise the RPR. WaNPRC will provide a final review of all resources required.
  8. Prior to final approval, a budgetary and funding verification will be done by WaNPRC Finance and Administration staff.
  9. When all WaNPRC approvals are secured, the project is opened and research can begin.