Visiting Scientist Program

The WaNPRC is both a regional and national resource housing and maintaining unique, specialized facilities and primate colonies to be utilized for conducting biomedical research focused on solving human health problems. The opportunity for the Center to make these resources available to Visiting Scientists both on a regional and national basis as well as internationally, is one of the outstanding features of the WaNPRC Program.

Visiting scientists are usually established research investigators that come to the WaNPRC for limited periods of time and work independently, but in collaboration with either a Core Faculty Scientist, Affiliate Scientist, or Research Scientist. The WaNPRC, under most circumstances will provide the Visiting Scientist with office space as well as appropriate availability of laboratory space. All primate utilization programs conducted by the Visiting Scientist must comply with all Federal Animal Welfare Act regulations, and the University of Washington Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

For more information on the Visiting Scientist Program, pleaseĀ contact the Center.