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For 30 years, the WaNPRC (and DGP) has placed a high priority on offering educational and training opportunities for our international partners. Our belief/premise underlying the training: “The long-term success of any conservation or health program depends in large part on the ability of the local people to take leading roles in the conduct of those programs.”

A hallmark of our Division has been our annual field courses for university students, staff and professionals from our partner institutions, as well as for students and staff from the U.S. Beginning with our first field course on Tinjil Island, Indonesia in 1991, the training and educational opportunities for both international and U.S. participants has grown steadily. Our field courses, conducted in collaboration with our partner institutions, have expanded in scope over the years providing participants with a “big picture” of the close relationship between environmental, animal, and human health; this is reflected in the course title: “Field Course in Conservation Biology & Global Health: At the Human-Environment Interface.”

Milestones & Metrics:
To date: Dr. R. Kyes, Dr. P. Kyes and their international colleagues have conducted 130 field courses in 9 program countries for more than 2,427 participants representing over 125 institutions. The participants have included: university undergrad and graduate students, faculty, staff, national park rangers, teachers, community leaders, local tourist guides, NGO staff, lab researchers, environmental journalists, etc. We are very proud of the diversity of participants that we are reaching with these field courses.

100th Field Course: During 2016, we completed our 100th field course which received considerable news coverage originating with a story by UW News & Information: “Inspiring Students Around the World” https://www.washington.edu/news/2016/07/21/from-crop-raiding-monkeys-to-political-unrest-uws-randy-kyes-embarks-on-100th-field-course

20th Annual Field Course at Tangkoko: In 2017 we conducted our 20th annual field course at the Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Indonesia. This is part of our long-standing collaborative program in Tangkoko (since 1996) in partnership with Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT) and the Primate Research Center at IPB University (PSSP-IPB). This milestone was highlighted in a WaNPRC news piece: “UW Scientist and International Colleagues Celebrate Monumental 20th Year of Field Course”. https://www.wanprc.org/biobulletin/kyes-colleagues-celebrate-20th-year-of-field-course

30th Anniversary Field Course on Tinjil: A significant milestone is about to be achieved – celebration of our 30th anniversary field course on Tinjil Island, Indonesia – marking 30 consecutive years of field training in collaboration with PSSP-IPB. This 30th field course was to be conducted this past July 2020 but had to be postponed due to COVID-19. We have rescheduled for next year. Our 30 years of collaboration in science and education with PSSP-IPB was featured on the US Embassy-Jakarta website as part of their celebration of the 70th anniversary of US-Indonesian diplomatic ties. https://www.indonesiausa70th.com/en/article/field-studies

The Embassy also produced a podcast featuring Dr. R. Kyes and Dr. Entang Iskandar’s discussion of their decades of training on Tinjil Island (IndonesiaUSA70th Podcast: posted 28 Oct 2019).
https://soundcloud.com/indonesiausa70th/dr-randall-kyes-in-collaboration-with-pssp-ipb?in= indonesiausa70th/sets/indonesiausa70th

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