Virology and Immunology Core (V&IC)

Goal: The goal of the Virology and Immunology Core (V&IC) is to provide and develop non-human primate (NHP) resources to study the mucosal environment and cellular immune responses.

Building on our existing research programs and collaborations in mucosal immunology, we will use the knowledge and assays already established in our laboratories to provide expertise and services on a fee-for-service basis to investigators conducting NHP-related research.

This includes:

  1. Tissue Processing: Isolating lymphocytes and lymphocyte subsets from mucosal and systemic immune compartments.
  2. Flow Cytometry: Analysis of immune cell phenotype, function and specificity in mucosal immune compartments and blood including flow cytometry services and support.
  3. Tissue Repository: Tissue bank of lymphocytes isolated from various immune compartments in lentivirus infected and uninfected nonhuman primates.

Contact: V&IC manager, Sandra Dross (